Woonsterk works independently from contractors, producers, interior shops and suppliers. Woonsterk translates your idea and your taste into a practical and feasible design that professionals use.

5 Steps

The Woonsterk team will work with you on the basis of 5 steps. This starts with the inventory of your question and ends with a well-planned renovation or refurbishment. An important part of our approach: listen and listen again, think along and think along, search and search again.

Questions and inventory

  • What do I have to do at home and what is most important to me?
What can I afford financially and how do I keep an overview?
  • Is my plan practical and feasible?
  • What kind of materials, furniture, lighting, colors and accessories do I like?
  • When? Who should carry it out? What can I do myself?
  • Do I get honest and objective advice from home shops or construction companies?

Woonsterk will work with you with these questions. From the beginning up to and including the implementation, choices are made in 5 structured and clear steps, ideas and solutions are researched and developed, budgets and expenses are tracked and a planning is made.

The 5 steps are as follows:

  1. Inventory – Schedule of Requirements
  2. Preliminary design + cost estimate
  3. Final design + building plan
  4. Coordination + execution
  5. Control + evaluation