Woonsterk is a young company with ancient experiences in the field of interior design and renovation.


My name is Ronny de Vré, founder of Woonsterk. After years of working for non-profit organizations, I chose a plan that had been in my head for years. After obtaining the HMC certificate Interior design (Hout & Meubel College), I started working on my idea of living pleasure and Woonsterk was founded in November 2016.


A renovation or refurbishment is not nothing. Woonsterk guides and coordinates that from idea to professional execution. Woonsterk also attaches great importance to sustainability and reuse. An enormous amount of household goods and garbage is thrown away and this has negative consequences for the environment and in the long term for everyone’s living environment. We therefore prefer to work with recycled and sustainable materials.


Because of damage and shame, I have designed and tested a clear method, which must prevent wrong choices and errors during a renovation and that saves stress, time and money.
Woonsterk works independently of home shops, construction companies, kitchen and sanitary installers, etc. so that the customer can really choose freely. The nice thing is that the same companies and executors also like this: Woonsterk has done a lot of work before an order is placed and there is much less chance of a dissatisfied customer. In the meantime, Woonsterk has a select network of professionals and companies in the field of (re) building, home furnishing and material processing.

Social entrepreneurship

Woonsterk collaborates with social organizations and their clients and attaches great importance to the use of building and interior materials that leave as little environmental impact as possible.