Woonsterk stands for expertise, practical and feasible designs, independence, innovation, coordination, transparency and especially for your own style.

Living is important

Everyone in the Netherlands lives somewhere and everyone wants to feel at home in that place. Having a ‘home’ is vital for your well-being and that is why so much attention is paid to it. Think of the TV programs about home furnishings, the many furniture boulevards, DIY stores and the beautiful living magazines.

Money, time and stress

Despite, or perhaps because of, the large supply in the home and interior areas, renovations, removals or a new interior are often perceived as unsatisfactory, too expensive and too stressful. There are more costs than planned, it takes much longer than promised, wrong materials were used or, in retrospect, you even made the wrong choices.

That’s why!

It is no wonder that it can go wrong because it is not a daily necessity for many people to arrange a relocation or refurbishment. Woonsterk was born through all those accident stories including personal experiences.

Our philosophy is our method:

With the professional, transparent and personal approach of the people of Woonsterk you turn your home into a personal ‘home’. And together with Woonsterk you avoid expensive mistakes, you will save time because Woonsterk takes your work off your hands. You can (re) build and redesign with confidence.