Woonsterk is the key for the execution of your living requirements. Read the comments from clients who have worked with Woonsterk. The budgets depend on the size but are always realistic and budgeted in advance.

The following projects offer an insight into Woonsterk’s working methods, give examples of the results achieved and how clients have experienced them.

  • Vasco di Gama
    Build an old retail space on the ground floor into a hip apartment for 2.
  • Sporenburg
    Design a practical kitchen in a small space with limited possibilities.
  • Kemphaanstraat
    A number of ‘renovation projects’ in a single-family home from the seventies.
  • Piri Reis
    Build a larger and practical kitchen in a new apartment and set up the living room with new furniture and lighting.
  •  Dorpsstraat
    Make a very old shower room and laundry room and comfortable and luxurious bathroom.
  •  Zandweg
    RRe-establish a village villa from the thirties while retaining the original furnishings
  •  Kleine stylingsprojecten
    Choose color scheme with preference for green tones for small apartment.
    Create new toilet space under stairs.
    Design tough ceiling element for retail space.
  •  Woonark
    Design the complete interior and exterior for a hull houseboat of approx. 60 mtr2, including workspace.