Assignment: A number of ‘renovation projects’ in a single-family home from the seventies.
Location: Wormerland


“We would very much like to make some improvements in our house but we are very disappointed because there was so much wrong with the previous renovation: there were wrong things placed, we have been months in the mess and it turned out to be much more expensive than previously calculated by the contractor.
Woonsterk has already cut our wishes into pieces in the first interview and placed them in order of importance.
That makes things clear and gives us peace right now. We are now going to start with the attic floor, which we want completely stripped and rebuilt. It becomes my wife’s own place and she determines what it will look like. We no longer see the renovation because Woonsterk coordinates everything tightly. We are already thinking of the next step while the attic floor is not even ready yet.”

Activities Woonsterk:

This is why we love our job! Helping people out of the care by delineating the wishes in order to ensure that everything is clear and clear. That is good for the professionals who then know exactly what needs to be done and how nice it is for the client who knows what to expect.