Piri Reis

Assignement: Build a larger and practical kitchen in a new apartment and set up the living room with new furniture and lighting.
Location: Amsterdam Oud-West


“We had been living in our new apartment for a year but we still had our old furniture from the previous spacious family home. We found it too big here. At the open kitchen we were annoyed because it was awkward, too small and ugly. We had no idea how and with what to start. Add that to our indecision and fear of buying the wrong stuff and you will be annoyed in your new home in 10 years. With Woonsterk we have taken the right steps to eventually choose a kitchen that makes us very happy. There are also recommendations for furniture and lighting that are simple and inexpensive. Our furniture is suddenly not that old-fashioned and too big anymore and fits well again. We did not have to worry about the renovation and purchase of stuff. That was very nice because we were very busy with a new job and did not have time to interfere!”

Activities Woonsterk:

It was special to see how the clients flew their ideas and styles that flew in all directions to a harmonious and individual design. The renovation ran smoothly until the ordered countertop of concrete arrived (with crane and all). That turned out not to have the right color. This has to do with the irregularity of the raw materials. The company has temporarily made the ‘wrong’ countertop ready for use and placed the right countertop within 3 weeks. And the clients were super understanding!