Assignment: Design a practical kitchen in a small space with limited possibilities.
Location: Amsterdam, on one of the eastern islands.


“Because I was overwhelmed when my kitchen needed to be refurbished, I was advised by Ronny de Vré from Woonsterk. She saw that I mainly looked up against a major and radical renovation with demolition work. She reduced the project to a clear conversion without demolition and other drastic actions. This was very important to me, otherwise that new kitchen would never have come.
In our joint quest for the ultimate kitchen she knew how to translate my ideas into an affordable execution. I was especially despondent of the search for the right wall tiles and because she now understood what I did and what I did not like, she picked it out for me.
She felt good that I could not stand in a house with a construction drum to come home so the performer every day that the lot was neatly on the side and was vacuumed. It was unfortunate that the tiles were not exactly on time and that the Easter weekend could not be worked, so the planning was something. But that did not weigh up against the result that I am very happy with. Woonsterk is a must for doubters.”

Activities Woonsterk:

This client wanted a new kitchen but could not find it with the usually fixed offer of the kitchen specialists. So it had to be a composite kitchen. After excluding what the client did not like, we started looking at different producers of kitchen fronts and counter tops. Of course, it is always cleaned up at the end of the day, but for this client we have done our best because the building drum gave extra stress.
The most difficult was the search for matching tiles, but that worked out very well! The funny thing is that the tiles seemed to fit perfectly with the artwork of Ton Wiertz that hangs next to the kitchen.