Zandweg Wormer


“We had received the keys to our new “old” house on October 1, 2017 and had to move on October 28 already. The house is beautiful and very large, with old ceiling ornaments, parquet flooring, paneling and black marble mantelpieces. But there were 5 layers of old wallpaper on the walls and everything was painted in very strange color combinations. Add to that a lack of time, our complete ignorance in the field of colors and jobs and the panic is complete. Woonsterk managed to have everything painted and wallpapered within a month with the most beautiful wallpaper and the best colors. Also the move, lighting, curtains, cabinets and furniture were quickly arranged. Thanks to the economical purchasing of Woonsterk, we were able to realize everything we wanted to do. Hats off!”

Activities Woonsterk:

This house was a real challenge; I’ve never seen so many different types of paint, wallpaper and unmatched colors in one house. Moreover, I only had 4 weeks. Fortunately, the great painters André and Daniel were able to carry out this rush job perfectly, for which a lot of thanks. And it was exciting to find colors, curtains, lamps and wallpaper in such a short space of time with the clients that make them happy. But I succeeded and I think they are happy with it.
Thanks to the explicit William Morris Wallpaper, the velvet curtains and a few modern furniture, the house has a classic and eclectic atmosphere that fits the residents perfectly.